Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lady In Waiting

I was telling the truth about not having to have anything they were selling this weekend but I went out in that mess anyway!  Not for purchasing but for perusal. 
I spent most of the day going from place to place just looking*, just enjoying being out and about, without agenda, without a schedule.
HOWever, there was one** little thing on my 'if I just happen to come across...' list that might have initiated a purchase had I found it.  As some of you know, I have a peculiar proclivity for "hairy jumpers," as can be seen here and here.  I might, on a bad hair day, surmise that no-one but me still thinks they're groovy as they're no longer to be found in the usual places.
I know, though, that I was really just meant to wait for it.  Wait. for. it.

Because when I walked into you know where, it happened that in just these last few days, some sweet lady had discarded her kritter ~ the reason for which I cannot fathom ~ but I have given it a new home, am thinking about naming it. 
You know how I know the thing was meant for me?  Just look at how it accompanies my sweater. (As if one had waited for the other for all its existence.)  That's an Izod sweater.  Izod was pretty iconic when I was a teen and prone to pining but have you seen the price of those things lately?!  I've waited.  I've waited more than 25 years and, at last, I own a gator thingy sweater...that I purchased for $1.  Add to it, the $5 flurry (admittedly, hefty hefty hefty for thrifting), my $1 jeans, my $2 boots... I came out smellin' like a ... well, like a $9 rock star.
But total truth be told***, none of this is what this is really about.  See, I have things to say at The Bending Tree but I'm having a remarkably difficult time finding the right words, constructing them in ways that even I can understand.  It matters to me - the balance between these short and shallows and the ones I really need to lay down.  My working at it hasn't worked, however, and so I'm waiting for it now.  He is faithful to me, always, so I'll get it when it's good. 
And as long as I'm waiting, I may as well tell you what I know for now.  Whether it's hip or hideous.
*I did do the g'babies Christmas gift thing.
**My eye is Ever-Watchful for the leather pants.
***Wouldn't be total truth without * & **.


  1. FIVE whole dollahs?! ;) Prolly *still* worth it to a rock-star-in-waiting such as yourself! ;)

    Heck, if it'd been in MY size? I mighta bought it myself! Can't you just see that over my RealTree AP tee shirt?! Hahaha!!!

    It's "you," Amanda -- enjoy it, at least for a season or two! Then perhaps you might "put it back" for some other diva to unearth, love, and treasure. Just a thought! ;)

    1. Bob, I will add "furry vest for Bob" to my 'if I just happen to come across' list! ;)

      And yes, to returning things to the shop. My closet has a revolving door! Gotta tell ya, though - I don't know about my jumpers... they say that once you name 'em, they're yours for life. :)