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Body Typing

I've heard them/seen them countless times and you must have as well.
You know - instructions for dressing the "pear shape," for flattering the "boyish" figure, etc.

What I hope to do here is give some practical direction that you haven't seen or heard in any other place.  Or maybe I'm just breaking down the "rules" for a more practical application.

This is fairly simple, really.  While it's presently very hot outdoors and while I happen to have (what I, personally, consider) a pretty hot shoe collection, I must dress the body I have.  And so...

*When your knee is torn asunder - wear flats.

*When your back rebels and twangs a tune as as you cross the floor (which means NO bending over to shave your legs) -
wear long britches.

See, dressing the body you have is a cinch.  At least if your body type is "falling apart."