Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I DIDN'T Wear Today...

My husband said he liked my ensemble...     
even though I reminded him of John the Baptist.

I believe one of my daughters actually used the word "hideous" but I don't care.  I still like my nice, hairy jumper.

My favorite was when friends at church asked if I was actually wearing the potty collar.

I DIDN'T wear the potty collar.  Today.  But its day is coming soon enough.  It's necessary for me to wear it and, if you know me at all, you know that I'm right about this.

Now I'm assuming you'll be wanting the low down so here it is:  I recently brought home a detached coat collar that must surely have made it here all the way from 1973.  Poor outcast thing needed a new home, a new purpose in life, so I set it down somewhere whilst I thought on it for a bit.  It didn't take very long to determine its purpose (what did Twain say about the second most important day of your existence?!)  That collar's mission was to make my honey into a RRR convert.  Without any coaching or direction whatsoever, here's how my husband re-purposed it:

You see that I have something to prove, right?

Now, just one. more. thing... so that you all might have a little more insight into how I wound up with this hairy, hideous, urban-wilderness-wandering vest - and with Terry - please watch this, one of the all-time greatest scenes from one of the all-time greatest movies, ever:


  1. The sight of that toilet made me laugh so hard that I cried, right in the middle of Starbucks!