Monday, January 2, 2012

They Said I Couldn't Do It...

...or, uh, was it that I shouldn't do it?

I do seem to recall hearing some words about refraining from putting near the facial region that which has been in the potty region.

But there comes a time...a time in life when one must follow through on promises, commitments.

I told y'all I was gonna do it.

And now I've gone and done it.

And thank goodness it's done! 
'Cause I'm ready to pass this thing off on to someone new.

It's time for a re-re-purpose.

(However, if you like it best as a "potty-collar," I promise not to judge you. Who can deny my hubby's brilliance?!)

Speaking of re-purposing, isn't this the perfect time for such considerations? We're at the top of a new year, y'all! Let's re-purpose ourselves to live through it with intention.

Or re-re-purpose. Or re-re-re...
I hope that at the end of '12, you will have kept your promises, your commitments - in spite of any who might have said you couldn't do it.  Even if the any is you.  God's mercies begin anew each and every morning and, with Him, you can do it.


  1. I love that re-appearing potty collar! It looks much better on your jacket than it did on the toilet :)

    Every day is a new day, and God's mercies ARE new every morning!

  2. thank you! it finally re-appeared at the thrift shop from whence it came, having served its purpose here. :)

  3. cute outfit, love the boots =)