Friday, February 24, 2012

The Take Away

When I'm dressing for the big events in life, I tend to think as much about where it came from as I do about where I'm going.

Recently, honey and I went away for our annual "Celebrate That Honey Survived That Heart Attack" weekend.

Here's what I took for day one:
  • Vintage sweater vest, which speaks to my love of old stuff, nods at my love of embellishment (it has ties!), possibly winks at my politics.
  • Overpriced jeans which I purchased in my former days - and continue to wear because 1) former, for real, so I can't replace them, and 2) they remind me to hold what I've got.  In the lessons learned sense.
  • Boots that were a gift from a customer whose name I did not even know.


One of the things that you might take away from this is that neither one of us knows how to use that stupid camera.

Doesn't matter that we one-upped the model.  Doesn't matter how many "take better pictures" blogs I've read.  We can never seem to get this picture thing just right.

Doesn't matter though.  I assure there are other things that we do get right - at least some of the time.


And that brings me to what I hope you'll take away from this:

  • Never overlook those who cross your path.  The person whose name you do not know today may be the one who tomorrow blesses you or who needs to be blessed by you.
  • Love the people that God places in your life because you do not know when your time with them will end.
  • Be grateful for every trial, every blessing, every day. 
  • Every day, be grateful. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Just Sayin'...

24-Hour Catwalk, Episode 5

I think we're almost famous...

If this makes no sense, then click here or here.