Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Falling Short

This dress is too short. 
At least for me.
At least for me to feel comfortable.

But it was only as I headed out the door that I really caught a glimpse of myself, and suddenly, I knew some things.

I realized, for instance, just how inattentive I'd been to the details.

I recognized a shift, ever so subtle,
in my priorities.

I remembered that I'd see a specialist the next day to discuss my results.

And I understood - though I'd never imagined that I would - just what it's like for women in those very first days of waiting and uncertainty.

I've fallen short where you are concerned, having looked at myself but failing to see you in your troubles.  I pray with deep sincerity that you will have peace in your times of need and that you will never feel unseen.

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