Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Give Pants A Chance...

Now maybe one of the tens of you who looks at this page is thinking, "Wow.  That is a spectacular pair of pants and I would like to wear them to the grocery store," but I've gotta tell you...that is not what I thought when I first saw them.

It was, in fact, like some dirty little deal going down when my friend called me over to the darkened corner and said, "Hey, check these out."   My response:
"...................Those are truly hideous.* 
But I think I'll buy them anyway. 
After all, printed britches are in for spring!" 

When I tried them on, however, I was transformed somehow.   I wear these:  I feel like a thundercat. 
(and I wear them around the house. often.)

Soooo.....if you should see me in some place that you might not otherwise expect to see a person wearing such fancy pants, please.  Just call me Cheetara.

*Truth is, I always thought the pants were way hip!


  1. I can totally see you in these pants! Wear them out, girl! They don't call it a "cat walk" for nothing! woot woot!

    1. girly, how 'bout THESE for some travelling sisterhood pants?!!