Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spread It 'Round

I'm a crappy crafter, no denyin' it.  
But please, by all means, y'all do better!

For days and days, I've been looking for the perfect diy project:  
Christmas gifts crafted from those things regularly spilling over at our shop.  
Here, what we usually have more than we know what to do with are things such as 
plates, cups, socks...  
(That we have too many ladies' clothes might go without saying.)

I can find projects, sure ~ sock monkeys, paint a plate, put some candy in a cup.
But I wanted something to convey a message, and I knew that, were it up to me,
I'd convey joy. 
Not finding any pinterest projects that met my goals, I decided to just do it myself.

So, I started with a picture frame, one of those Most Abundant, 
nobody-seems-to-know-what-to-do-with-them kind of things, 
and then scavenged from my thrift and hold pile.

Painted the frame 
(and later screwed it up, leading to some pretty serious disappointment.)
*Take your time.

Wrapped the mat.
Like a boss.


Determined my layout.

And voila!

This, I like.

But, truth in telling,
because I hurried, it looks like this:

Told y'all I'm bad at this!
Oh, well.  I've enjoyed myself and hopefully made my point:
We have picture frames!
Just kidding.

Obviously, you can't buy joy, but if you're in a gifting mood,
then I propose that joy is a great gift to convey.
And there are some really creative
(and inexpensive)
ways to do it!

So, y'all get busy!
Do a better a job than I have done
Merry Christmas To Ya!

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