Sunday, May 4, 2014

To A T

I saw a neighbor lady walking her daughter and she was wearing this dress with a hemline that I'd not seen anywhere before and I knew instantly that I would cut that hem into something.  Within a week, I bought a skirt and put it away until the time was right.

That was about a year ago.

And so now we have the graphic t-shirt craze and it's had me checking the racks for the perfect $1 statement shirt for months and months but I finally gave it up and searched and searched the internets until I found it.

This just may be my most perfect ensemble.

I converted a (not really the ugliest skirt ever but for the sake of linguistics, I'm calling it) hideous skirt into something I quite like.

The thing cost me $1.
My shoes were $1.

I employed a little RRR by making the pattern from a circular.

My shirt, while it cost a little more than $1, is not like any other that I've seen and it speaks quite well to my multi-faceted personality, I think.


Act Like A Lady
Think Like A Boss

C'est moi, n'est-il pas?
Oui, Oui.  To a tee.

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