Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I'd like to speak a word to all the fashion bloggers who go to the city parks and fields of flowers to take their photographs ...
I love y'all, I do.  And I dig your inspiration too.  After all, you're probably the (mostly) whole reason that I'm wearing (p)leather pants and studded butt-stompers and a so-fresh-so-clean cardigan and some version of a tartan scarf if not the winning one*.

Oh, and plaid in general, duh.

And I'm inspired to do this blogging thing too.  It's just that over here, what I have is table tops and ceiling views, toddler socks and knock-offs.

Oh, and bad photography, duh.

I have little to offer, really, that's actually and truly, so-fresh-so-clean-so-hasn't-been-done-before.  No portending here that what I have, nobody else has except for one thing, really, and that's my story.

We all have that, you know ~ a life that can't be duplicated.  I hope very much that each of you is inspired by the beauty that's around you, that you learn from those with talent and wisdom to offer, that you copy what you can.  But then never be anything other than your real and genuine self, no matter how "im-picture-perfect."

(And those who do actually have picture-perfect stuff to show, please keep doing that too!  It's how I know what to wear when I leave the house.)

*If you're a pinterester, and even remotely follow fashion, and I say, "tartan scarf," you've got it, right?  In your mind, there's a picture of a particular plaid that's winning the pins.  Right?

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