Sunday, December 9, 2012


Who watched it ~
that 80's tv series with all the ...
I'm totally kidding. 
This has nothing to do with any tv show!
This one's about this dress. 
Well, mostly.

So I'm gonna go out in the pond here and guess that those who were with me when I found this dress probably thought I was some kind of fashion quack.

It's been around since probably before the Dynasty (tv series) era and it has its share of flaws.

For instance, the print's not properly matched at the seams.  Therefore, I couldn't wear it in a high-lighted scenario.  Like to the grocery store, just for instance.

But hey!  Just look at the print, would'ya!
This is a veritable duck empire dress!

Anyhow, seein's how I was going to the annual Bargain Box Christmas dinner, it only made sense to wear some of my finest finds.  My dress was the customary dollar.  So were my shoes.  And every bit of my jewelry (costume, btw) was thrifted but, as our jewelry gets priced more fair-market-like, and as I've collected it over the years, I'm not quite sure how that part adds up.

But I do know that I spent a load less than retail and that...
that's what I'm talkin' about, jack!


The annual Bargain Box Christmas dinner is the one time of year that we can get all* of our volunteers into one space at one time.  Our service through this ministry is for His glory alone...

It just so happens that being a part of this ministry also makes us happy, happy, happy.

That's my youngest girl there, front and center.
A friend wisely noted that she's carrying a member of our next generation of volunteers.
For a good story about that, see A Son Is Coming.

One last picture and,
while I could say one thousand words about this,
I'll just say

Faith, family, and facial hair.**

*These are but a few of the 75 plus volunteers who serve.
**Duck Dynasty.  Okay, maybe this had a little somethin' to do with a tv show.


  1. Hahah! Could you possibly have fit a few MORE references in here to my fave TV show?! (your sister-in-law TJ is even watching it!)

    That's one outrageous outfit, by the way -- and the matching multi-colored nails ... over the top! :) Looks as if you guys all had a great time. It was well-earned, I'm certain!

    God bless you for your ministry work -- I'm confident the impacts reach farther than you'll ever imagine. :)

    1. Bob, I somehow manage to fit the rest of my references into my everyday speech. ;)

      Being a part of this ministry is one of the great privileges of my life! I hope everyone finds a place where they feel as called and (approaching) complete.

      "Approaching" because He'll be working on me right up til the end. Philippians 1:6 :)

  2. My dress was from the Bargain Box too! Thank God you dressed me for Rags to Riches or it would've been capris all the way! LOL

    1. Girl, you looked spuh-len-did!!! You've got this now. Already can't wait til next year...though I s'pose R2R is nearly right around the corner again already!!!