Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clearance Rack

Or Christmas ornament. 
This could have gone either way.

This one, though, is about the jacket, the one that's hung in my closet for more than its six months' allowance.

It was time to make some clearance so I may as well have worn it at least once.  You know, to get my dollar's worth.


I wonder if anybody ever wonders about these absurd "poses."  I certainly do!  But out of the average 173 photo attempts per post, I just have to settle on the one where I look most like a human and it doesn't appear as if the sun has just made earth-fall.


Anyhow, you can see it, right?  How if you wadded this up into a ball, you could hang it on the tree?  Maybe not my tree but if you happen to be in the right place at the right time this week, you could certainly grab at least the jacket for hangin' on yours! 


  1. Great call on the Christmas-y colors! ;) I see your point ... and hey, it's not a bad-looking jacket at all! I can't tell much about the cut ("waiter"? "bolero"?) and the fabric looks a tad heavy for your climate, but honestly, this one might be a keeper -- for decorating YOU, not the tree hahah! ;)

    1. I think the cut was more waiter-like and the fabric was actually not heavy at all. The problem was that I couldn't move my arms forward or back while wearing it!! I think it must be that I'M cut funny as I have this problem with most jackets.

      and....wait for it, wait for it.

      She gone. ;)

      It was gone within an hour of putting it on one of our shop dolls. :)