Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oooohhh, scary...

Not because I didn’t brush my hair.

Not because I’m wearing a white blazer
in the middle of October.

Not even because I’m wearing feathers
in spite of my age!

Clearly, now. I ain’t skeered to just put myself all out there and such.  Clearly, right?

From the start of this whole blogging excursion, I’ve had a master plan, a big picture in mind. I’ve wanted to emphasize good stewardship, ministry, gratitude - to place more value on values than on attire.

My Master plan has been to do this for Him.

If I mean what I say, then I have to listen when He speaks.

Sometimes His speaking is in the form of a question.  "How many pairs of black shoes do you need?" 

Just for instance.

One of the voices in my head keeps saying, "You will not laugh. You will not cry. I will teach you." Uh, I don't know, man. Some of the other voices are laughing. And I definitely feel like crying. Because change is hard. And it can be scary.

The scariest of all - at least for me - is to give up the reigns.

What makes it worthwhile, however, is that while the process may be painful at times, in the end I'm left with joy, peace, and gratitude. 

I may not be the American Dream Blogger, but that's okay. This is really about me and God.  And after that, of course, I have all those voices in my head to keep me company!

Think I’m crazy?  I suggest you hold out a bit before making that decision.  After all, I haven't even worn the potty collar yet!

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  1. This totally rocks! :) Can't wait to see what you do next.