Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've Got Dreams To Remember

I walked into a crowded boutique, sat down on a bed, and removed my boots and four pairs of socks. Some young women standing next to me started pulling sandals from a backpack and together we admired the shoe craftsmanship. At last I said, "I can do better than these shoes."

Rather suddenly, everyone left the building, apparently headed to some kind of church event. Only the boutique owner and I were left. She came to me and asked if she could help me with something. I said, "I can still spend my money but I have to do it responsibly. I used to walk all around, looking at everything but now I know that I want one special thing and would like to find it here. So please show me your shoes and your earrings."

She went to and came back from various corners of the shop, carrying hand-picked boxes, showing me very unique things, but none of them were quite "it." Finally, in an effort to surmise my particular style, she asked, "If you were the parking lot sloan, who would bring you the mask?" "Like snoopy," I asked.  She nodded.

"Oh," I answered, "Glinda the good witch."

And then I woke up.

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