Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free People

The Free People catalog is one of my favorites, fashionably speaking.  I flip through that thing and finish feeling free to show you my true colors, fashionably speaking.  (And then I usually remember my age.)

Seriously, though, those folks are at least providing some great fashion direction.  Take this Native American-inspired poncho, for instance.  I could get it from their book for $168 ... or I could simply follow their direction at my favorite thrift shop instead.  I got mine for one dollar
That's almost free, people.

And that's really what this whole thing is about, see.  I have gratefully been freed from the tyranny of high-dollar desire, that overwhelming urge to purchase instantly and at their highest offer. 

And that's the reason that I share all of this ... because, well, you know ...
free people free people.

1 comment:

  1. YES YES YES!! The search for our most authentic selves (and how to express it) doesn't have to take our resources from the things that truly matter!