Sunday, March 17, 2013

Okay, Okay...

I mighta cheated a little at this one.

I've been staring long and hard at every crinoline and drape that comes through the Bargain Box, attempting to find the thing that I can convert into my dream tulle skirt but to no avail.  And y'all don't seem to be wantin' to come off of yours.

So I found this skirt on ebay.

Go ahead, gasp and cringe.  Not really!

I've had the shoes since long before I began this (mostly) dollar dressing adventure so we're calling them fully depreciated.

The rest of it did come from the thrift shop so I've copied one of my favorite pins for still less than $25.

And that's pretty okay.  Okay?  Okay.

inpiration pin
source:  whatsaybeauty.tumblr


  1. Oh I have been looking for a tulle skirt everywhere too! One that I was hoping didn't carry the same Anthropologie price tag :-)


    1. i can usually stick it out til something shows up at the thrift shop but this is truly one of my best and favorite ebay purchases ever!