Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Day I Dyed

This first....thing was headed to the bailer*.  I (naturally) failed to take a picture which aptly highlights how gross it looked.  You may fairly make out the fade in the armpits, presumably the result of industrial strength deodorant w/bleach.  
Trust me, those stains are much more obvious than this picture conveys.
I was happy, though, to pay the usual $1 for it.
It's Eileen Fisher.
The closest comparison I can find online is upwards of $125.
So for an additional $3, the cost of a box of dye, the fade/stains are gone and I have something that nobody else has!
It went from very washed out grey to more like denim.

Having gained so much confidence from this first success, I decided that since I hadn't yet found my perfect pair of $1 jeans in the latest IT color, I could just create them.

I wasn't quite right on that count, but hey! 
I still have something that definitely nobody else has and it still only cost me $4!

Overall, I'm pleased with all of the results.
It was worth the extra money (for dye) just to prove that
we can change things
and that
the end may not be the end, after all.

And as long as we're talking about dying, here's one about rising up: 
Why I Believe In God

And another one about dying:
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*at the Bargain Box, when we receive clothes that are beyond (ordinary) repair, we send them off to be bailed and shipped to third-world countries, where the material is broken down and made over completely into something new.

So again, assume not that it is the end,
but possibly the time for something new.

For the cardigan, I used, denim.
For the jeans, I mixed a little bit of navy blue into a full pack of scarlet.
My idea was to "prove" I did the work by the stains on my fingers but alas!  You cannot see that because I cannot take a picture for squiddly.


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