Monday, September 24, 2012

An Exact Copy

I so dig this dress.

Not just because it cost me $1,

Or because it's one of the least complicated wardrobe events I've had all year,

But mainly because it looks exactly like a dress that I'd pinned just the day before I found it.

Okay.  So maybe it's not exactly like it but it is awfully close ... okay, close enough to make me happy ... to a dress featured by my favorite fashion blogger.*

And so it made sense to deliberately copy her poses too.

  Obviously, I'm even better at this when I'm doing it on purpose.

And I've never come closer, I think, than right here:
It's nearly an exact copy!
Right?  Right? 
*Kendi's at


  1. I think you look adorable! And I love your face in the last picture! And I LOVE that it's more modest than the dress you loved so much! And I love that it's clear that God is in even the little things, like look a like longer dresses than the one you pinned and loved!

    1. word, Rebekah! God absolutely does lay stuff out like my utter ticklement!! ;) and thank you for your very kind encouragement!